100% Real People
No robots, no indicators, no complicated software to trade automatically.

100% Instant Results
Real-time trading with all currencies, indices, stocks and commodities.

100% User-friendly
Available for all non-experienced people and professional traders.

100% Compatible
You can use it on any computer, laptop, tablet, mobile - Windows, Android, iOS.

What is copy trade and how to use it

Copy Trade is a new method from the social trading market. It allows you to follow the trades of successful people and experts. You can choose them by results in different markets, period of time, size of profit or something else. It's a like a social network, but this time you follow successful results, not just some people.

There are tools to analyze in depth each trader and understand what's the result of this person. It's made to save time and focus only to find the most profitable experts, and copy their choices.

Copy Trade is good for:

  • Newbies on the market
  • Social People
  • Traders with less time
  • Experts to get better payout
  • Students to learn trading

Copy Trade Advantages:

  • You can save a lot of valuable time
  • It doesn't required to be an expert
  • Everybody can trade online
  • You can choose from many traders
  • Everything is optimized

Copy Trade Features:

  • Watchlist to monitor
  • Real-time charts
  • All markets included
  • Copy Market Bundles
  • It's nice and simple

Broker Review For everyone without any experience with Copy Trade, there is an option to register a practice account and use demo money to try how it works. It's an optimized process available at very few broker. This time you can join directly the #1 social software with over 4,500,000 traders.